Item collection 1777047 original

A Walk On The Beach (Original Portrait)


Item collection 09f08cfc e839 418e b65b 72fa99be6993

Abstract Space and Abstract Sky, A Paired Set of Verical Paintings


Item collection cfc13cbc 7431 41b4 bd6d 3a4846f588a5

Man With Open Collar; A Framed Portrait in Charcoal on Paper


Item collection 294384 original

Green Tehran (A Montage About Tehran Protests)


Item collection 2061810 original

The Orion And Swan Nebulas: A Paired Set Of Paintings


Item collection 294274 original

The Women ( Anti-War Painting )


Item collection 294305 original

Metro Music I (A Portrait of a Subway Musician)


Item collection 1c5f9dc9 6a98 41ab bd31 a4d74ce73ff7

Blue Winter (An Original Landscape With Figure)


Item collection 301422 original

El Mussol, Upstairs (A Barcelona Scene)


Item collection 5007327 original

Afternoon Beach An Original Painting of Mother and Daughter


Item collection 3840705 original

70 Begins, An Original Portrait of a Woman


Item collection 294385 original

In Afghanistan (An Original Painting)


Item collection 301047 original

Jorunn's Shop At Balestrand (A Norwegian Portrait)


Item collection 294370 original

January Jog: The ATM (Cityscape With Figure)


Item collection 294368 original

January Jog: Crossing (Cityscape With Figures)


Item collection 298322 original

January Jog: West 12th Street (Cityscape)


Item collection 298353 original

January Jog: Woosh (Cityscape With Figures)


Item collection 52f25a86 2e1a 4c57 9cfd ebe7c4eff19b

On The Beach (An Original Seascape and Portrait)


Item collection 294309 original

The Viewfinder II (New York City View With Figure)


Item collection 0329179c a24e 4da9 8e2d 50deb97bdbf1

The Ferry (Original Waterscape With Figures)


Item collection 294288 original

Patsy Now And Then (An Original Portrait Set IN New Mexico)


Item collection 299789 original

Baby Me (Portrait Of A Little Girl)


Item collection 294415 original

The Gondoliers (A Fauvist Painting )


Item collection 294307 original

Metro Music III, The Erhu (A Subway Musician)


Item collection 294420 original

To Torcello (A Double Portrait Set In Venice)


Item collection 294417 original

Tiziana 2001 (An Original Portrait)


Item collection 299766 original

The Foreman (A New York City Portrait)


Item collection 2063729 original

The Eagle And Lagoon Nebulas, A Paired Set Of Space Landscapes


Item collection 294421 original

Umberto (An Original Portrait )


Item collection 294414 original

The Fruitman On The Canal (A Fauvist Painting)


Item collection 294365 original

Crosswalk Gestures (Original Triptych Painting)


Item collection 3332845 original

Blue Winter and Across The Hudson (Paired Paintings)


Item collection 3210947 original

New Light and Montauk Surf, A Paired Set of Landscapes


Item collection 294284 original

March Flight (Landscape painting with Figures)


Item collection 294291 original

In The World 2: Sangin and Montauk


Item collection 294292 original

In The World 3: Sadr City and East Hampton


Item collection 2745307 original

In The World 4: Baghdad and Montauk


Item collection 294294 original

In The World 5: Fire! California and Iraq


Item collection 294296 original

In The World 6: Fairfield and Baghdad


Item collection 294297 original

In The World 7: Westport and Sadr City


Item collection 294298 original

In The World 8: Iraq and Saratoga


Item collection 294299 original

In The World 9: On The Taconic and Near Baghdad


Item collection 294393 original

In The World 10: Winter, Afghanistan and New York


Item collection 305272 original

Paintings, Drawings In Private Collections (Book)


Item collection 2287916 original

Paintings And Drawings By Eleanor Gilpatrick In Private Collections 2nd ED.


Item collection 305280 original

1st BOOK OF IMPORTANT DATES (Permanent Calendar )


Item collection 294377 original



Item collection 294394 original

Second Book of Important Dates (Permanent Calendar)


Item collection 305249 original

Third Book Of Important Dates (Permanent Calendar)


Item collection 305261 original

Fourth Book Of Important Dates (Permanent Calendar)


Item collection 294353 original

Shadows, Nessebur (Bulgarian Lanscape With Figure)


Item collection 2061797 original

Pink And Yellow A Pair Of Paintings


Item collection 2063746 original

The Milky Way and The Carina Nebula, A Paired Set of Space Landscapes


Painting With The Heart

Hello!! I am a contemporary realist painter of landscapes, people, still lifes, and abstracts that reflect my love of beauty and the way I see the world. Some paintings deal with peace issues; some are about Climate Change; many have edgy compositions. I never sell prints of my artwork. So, see my descriptions to find out about each piece. Please write to me if you have any questions.