Item collection 54e52c6e b71e 48a5 a920 fcd378d7958e

Letting Go, An Abstract Painting 30 by 24 Inches


Item collection 67a3d9e9 3afa 435a 8531 9c7e6cd4d905

Industrial Smoke: A Cause of Climate Change


Item collection 09f08cfc e839 418e b65b 72fa99be6993

Abstract Space and Abstract Sky, A Paired Set of Verical Paintings


Item collection 3a82229e c37a 48f4 b8c5 c24ac295434e

Abstract Sky


Item collection cfc13cbc 7431 41b4 bd6d 3a4846f588a5

Man With Open Collar; A Framed Portrait in Charcoal on Paper


Item collection 96662086 8516 4a4a 9fc5 02d2d0389871

Abstract Space


Item collection 294271 original

The Orion Nebula (A Space Landscape)


Item collection 2061810 original

The Orion And Swan Nebulas: A Paired Set Of Paintings


Item collection 294341 original

Melnik Echoes (Bulgarian Architectural Detail)


Item collection 303407 original

The Lagoon Nebula (A Space Landscape)


Item collection 294389 original

Nightmare (An Abstract Expressionist Drawing)


Item collection 2745312 original

Red (An Original Painting of The Scarlet Ibis)


Item collection 294401 original

In Cortuida ( Spanish Landscape Drawing)


Item collection 294360 original

Gray Light (A New York City Terrace View)


Item collection d8e9765d 90d1 4d3b 80a4 a4bc50ba3e5f

Opening Up, An Original Abstract-Still Life Painting


Item collection 294275 original

From Sandia (An Abstract Landscape painting)


Item collection 294386 original

The Carina Nebula (A Space Landscape)


Item collection 294404 original

Heroine V ( Abstract Figure Drawing)


Item collection 294400 original

Homage To Matisse (Abstract of a Woman)


Item collection 2063729 original

The Eagle And Lagoon Nebulas, A Paired Set Of Space Landscapes


Item collection 294440 original

Heroine IV (An Original Abstrct Figure)


Item collection 294428 original

See (A Fauvist Italian Landscape )


Item collection 294406 original

In The Deep II (Aquarium View)


Item collection 525141 original

In The Deep V (An Original Aquarium View)


Item collection 294324 original

Hue Go Your Way (An Original Fauvist Still Life)


Item collection 294391 original

THE EAGLE NEBULA (A Space Landscape)


Item collection 294322 original

The Swan Nebula (A Space Landscape)


Item collection 294319 original

The Milky Way (A Space Landscape)


Item collection 294434 original

Please Don't Leaf Me (An Original Still LIfe)


Item collection 294330 original

He Brought Me Roses (A Still Life Painting)


Item collection 294333 original

Seeing Red; Homage To Gabriele (Abstract Landscape)


Item collection 294273 original

In The Deep VI (An Original Aquarium View)


Item collection 294405 original

In The Deep I (An Original Aquarium Painting)


Item collection 294396 original

From Inside Out (Abstract Inner Landscape)


Item collection 2061797 original

Pink And Yellow A Pair Of Paintings


Item collection 2063746 original

The Milky Way and The Carina Nebula, A Paired Set of Space Landscapes


Item collection 294438 original

From Talia An Original Still Life Oil Painting


Item collection 2745313 original

Yellow (The Black-Throated Finch)


Item collection 294412 original

Pink (Rosy-Breasted Cockatoos)


Item collection 294408 original

In The Deep IV (An Original Aquarium View)


Item collection 294388 original

Detail At Abbadia Isola .. An Original Drawing of An Architectural Detail


Item collection 344024 original

In The Golden Red Light (A Painting For Meditation))


Item collection 294398 original

Sky Lights (An Abstract Skyscape Painting)


Item collection 304321 original

Holiday Color (For The Holiday Wall)


Item collection 610317 original

Golden Red Meditation


Painting With The Heart

Hello!! I am a contemporary realist painter of landscapes, people, still lifes, and abstracts that reflect my love of beauty and the way I see the world. Some paintings deal with peace issues; some are about Climate Change; many have edgy compositions. I never sell prints of my artwork. So, see my descriptions to find out about each piece. Please write to me if you have any questions.