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Industrial Smoke: A Cause of Climate Change


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FLOODED STREETS, One Result of Climate Change


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Green Tehran (A Montage About Tehran Protests)


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The Women ( Anti-War Painting )


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In The World 2: Sangin and Montauk


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In The World 3: Sadr City and East Hampton


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In The World 4: Baghdad and Montauk


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In The World 5: Fire! California and Iraq


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In The World 6: Fairfield and Baghdad


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In The World 7: Westport and Sadr City


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In The World 8: Iraq and Saratoga


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In The World 9: On The Taconic and Near Baghdad


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In The World 10: Winter, Afghanistan and New York


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1st BOOK OF IMPORTANT DATES (Permanent Calendar )


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In The Light (An Original Painting About Peace)


Painting With The Heart

Hello!! I am a contemporary realist painter of landscapes, people, still lifes, and abstracts that reflect my love of beauty and the way I see the world. Some paintings deal with peace issues; some are about Climate Change; many have edgy compositions. I never sell prints of my artwork. So, see my descriptions to find out about each piece. Please write to me if you have any questions.