Item collection 294438 original

From Talia An Original Still Life Oil Painting


Item collection 2745313 original

Yellow (The Black-Throated Finch)


Item collection 294412 original

Pink (Rosy-Breasted Cockatoos)


Item collection 294408 original

In The Deep IV (An Original Aquarium View)


Item collection 301124 original

From Pier 10, Amsterdam (Seascape from Holland)


Item collection 294388 original

Detail At Abbadia Isola .. An Original Drawing of An Architectural Detail


Item collection 3141793 original

Twilight (Italian Landscape Painting)


Item collection 344024 original

In The Golden Red Light (A Painting For Meditation))


Item collection 294398 original

Sky Lights (An Abstract Skyscape Painting)


Item collection 304321 original

Holiday Color (For The Holiday Wall)


Item collection 294290 original

In The Light (An Original Painting About Peace)


Item collection 610317 original

Golden Red Meditation


Item collection 294287 original

From The Governor's Palace, Santa Fe


Item collection 294397 original



Painting With The Heart

Hello!! I am a contemporary realist painter of landscapes, people, still lifes, and abstracts that reflect my love of beauty and the way I see the world. Some paintings deal with peace issues; some are about Climate Change; many have edgy compositions. I never sell prints of my artwork. So, see my descriptions to find out about each piece. Please write to me if you have any questions.